2022 SGI / BSI Calendars

Winners of the Photography Contest

In 2021, BSI Insurance started looking for photographs that would be featured in their 2022 SGI/BSI Calendar. The call to action was sent to all Manitobans to send in their photos and the response was phenomenal. BSI received many dozens of pictures from all over Manitoba.

Here are the 12 selected images. Congratulations to all the winners of the 2021 Photography contest!

Erin Gawalko
Dian Saraswati
Allison Poetker
Lauryn Keen
Tracy Vandermeulen
Jordan Froese
Carole Schultz
Joelene Hildebrandt
Karen Krueger
Kaicee McMullan
Kathryn Heppner
Alain Baudry

The 2022 SGI /BSI Calendars can be found at any of our 16 locations. These are FREE to customers and clients, while supplies last.

Thank you SGI Canada for your partnership.