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Our Commitment to Customers


This is truly a trying and unprecedented time for our province, country and world.  At BSI our underlying core value has always been, because we care.  This value and motto guide our company and team.  As our province navigates the changing world due to Covid-19, BSI will do it’s best to ensure that our customers do not see any shortfall with the service and expertise they have come to rely upon.  However, this will not be an easy task.


Our priority is to ensure an equal level of safety for both customers and staff.  As a business we are trying to ensure our customers are not inconvenienced by service interruptions and that our staff are able to perform to the best of their abilities.  Given the restraints on businesses and the public due to asks of our leading civil and medical authorities, BSI has had to make changes to comply and maintain appropriate safety levels for everyone.


The most obvious issue for all businesses is face-to-face transactions.  When it comes to Autopac and MPI products our team of BSI brokers is working within the guidelines set forth by Manitoba Public Insurance.  We can accommodate almost all transactions other than new driver education and new customer set-up.  Below is what we can currently do with Autopac.


  • New registration and policy application (including rental vehicle insurance and temporary
  • registration)
  • Renewal of a driver’s licence
  • Reapplication of a lapsed driver's licence
  • Manual reassessment of an active or lapsed driver's licence
  • Driver's licence replacement
  • Basic ID card replacement (no information changes)
  • Vehicle insurance coverage renewal, reassessment, reactivation, reapplication
  • Cancellation
  • Mid-term change
  • Transfer
  • Payment


To do so we need help and understanding as these processes require a more complex workflow to ensure accuracy and protection.  We need you, our customers, to call us and work with our team to ensure everything is done properly.  This may require using email correspondence, answering emails and sending photos and/or documents.  There is technology to make these transactions smoother, but that technology is not always accessible to every customer therefore we will work with you as best we can.

For customer who require other services such as home, commercial, business, farm or other types of insurance the team at BSI is continuing to provide these essential services.  We will continue to serve those needs as best we can, but challenges exist.  We may not be able to change policies as quickly, find information from insurance company partners, and visit/inspect property as we have in the past.  We are working with all our insurance company partners to develop strategies to accommodate all insurance needs most importantly, coverage changes, payments and capacity. 

While business may be slower or even non-existent, the need for insurance does not go away and we are doing our best to accommodate our clients.  We ask that you reach out to us even if it’s an informal conversation about the future and how your business, farm or personal insurance will look. If you are looking for help perhaps one of our other clients can provide guidance.  BSI wants to help you because we care about your future and all our community’s futures.  We are all in this together and we want to ensure our customers, or anyone else concerned about their homes, business, livelihoods and more have access to some one who will listen and help—we want to be that person for you.


Please reach out to our offices and teams, we are not going anywhere but there will be changes and we look forward to working with you. 

Written By: BSI