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As August comes to an end and the school year begins, it’s time for the friendly reminder to drive safely in school zones and watching for buses and children. Not obeying the laws can cost more than fines, it will cost you merits on your autopac as well as an increase in your vehicle insurance. Here are a few friendly reminders to keep in mind this September:

School Zones

Slow down for school zones, reduced speeds are enforced from Monday to Friday at certain hours of the day depending on the school. Fines are quite hefty for speeding in a school zone, but it is a good preventive measure to avoid collisions between pedestrians and vehicles and between multiple vehicles. Children will have extra excitement those first few weeks and drivers need to take extra precautions.

Share the Road with School Buses

When either driving behind a bus or if they are oncoming, do not pass a bus with flashing lights and signs out. Be sure the area has cleared after a bus loads or unloads. Be patient at this time of year, as children are still learning school bus safety. Fines for passing school buses while their lights are flashing will cost you over $600 and potentially 2 demerits that will affect your autopac.

Sharing the Road with Bicycles and Pedestrians

More children will be biking and walking at this time of year. Take extra caution in watching for kids; they may run out from between parked cars, or be biking past you while you park. Leave lots of space when passing kids on bikes and slow down as you see more kids walking on sidewalks and prepare to stop at crosswalks. Be particularly careful during the hours when parents are picking up and dropping off their children with many extra vehicles, children running across the street, and more distractions at that time.


Accidents and violations can increase your vehicle insurance and license fees, for more information visit Manitoba Public Insurance’s website. And if your birthday is in May, remember that September is the month to renew your autopac insurance policy. You can find the insurance branch nearest you here.

Written By: BSI