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BSI Insurance is sponsoring Canada’s biggest ATV/UTV Derby in St. Jean. We care about our communities, so when you are at the Derby come by and see our volunteers. In preparation for the St. Jean Derby, we want to ensure your ATV insurance meets your needs and that our clients are taking proper precautions in accident prevention. Below are safety tips for Off-Road Vehicle Accident Prevention and more information about BSI’s Exclusive ORV program to cover your ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles.


Off-Road Vehicle Accident Prevention

As you know from experience, off-roading can be a lot of fun, but before you hit the trails, ensure you know the proper techniques and safety procedures to prevent serious injury. For fun and safety while driving your ORV, be sure to follow these safety tips:


Minimum Age for Operating an Off-Road Vehicle

Children younger than 16 are often injured while operating an off-road vehicle due to inexperience or their size in comparison to the machine. It is recommended that any child, even 16 or older be supervised by an adult at all times.


Know the Physical Limits of the ORV

While some ORVs are built for two riders, many ATVs are designed for only one rider at a time. For ATVs designed for one rider, the weight combination of multiple riders can make the vehicle less stable and more prone to roll over. There are also risks involved if there is simply not enough sitting room and places to hold onto while riding.


Know the Speed for the Terrain

Speeding has its hazards, especially through certain terrains and unknown trails that can decrease your control and catch you off guard as the trail changes. Know the area you are off-roading in and adjust your speed as necessary to avoid an accident.


Do NOT Drink and Drive While Operating an ORV

Just like drinking and driving, alcohol and driving an off-road vehicle do not mix. Impaired driving laws still apply if you are driving an ORV and can result in fines and demerits that will affect your autopac and your ATV insurance.


Use Common Sense

The most important ORV accident prevention tip is to use your common sense. Your common sense can bring you a long way to keep you safe.

Exclusive BSI ORV Insurance Program

Enjoy a stress-free ride over kilometers of beautiful trails knowing you are protected by our full range of ORV Insurance. Offering extremely competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, you can rest assured that we will do our best to ensure your ATV insurance package meets your needs.


ATV Insurance Coverage Highlights:

o   Replacement Cost Endorsement on brand new snowmobiles and ATVs

o   15% discount for riders that are 50 years of age or over

o  Looking ahead to the winter months, 10% safe rider discount for snowmobiles only (if Snopass is purchased and rider is claim-free/traffic-conviction free)

o  Annual policy providing coverage during the riding season and off season with 100% retained premium


To get an estimate on your ATV Insurance, use our ATV Insurance calculator found on the bottom of our Off-Road Vehicle Insurance information page. Our ORV insurance is offered at a fraction of the cost of other providers. If you are wanting the exact premium please contact one of our insurance brokers nearest you.

Written By: BSI