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Reane Philippot

Reane Philippot

Insurance Broker

Professional Background

At BSI, Reane helps clients with their insurance needs. Whether it is MPI, SRE, travel, home or farm insurance. Reane has indicated that insurance chose her! There was a job opening, she applied and here she is. Reane absolutely loves her job. When it comes to education, Reane graduated from The University of Manitoba with a diploma in Agriculture where she majored in livestock. Currently Reane has her level 2 in General Insurance.

Community Involvement

Reane is a coach for the South East Royals Gymnastics team in Saint Malo (Volunteer position).

Personal Information

Reane is a second generation beef producer who grew up in the small town of Carlowrie. Her parents, brother and herself currently run a 300 Cow/Calf operation. They produce their own feed for the cattle. Reane has a couple riding horses and 13 miniature horses which some are broke to drive a sleigh and cart. They’ve had quite the hobby farm over the years; sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks and guinea fowl. Reane is an outdoorsy person and loves the nature and animals. Her hobbies include: Fishing, hunting, camping.