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As fall gets into full swing, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing and storing your summer toys, camper, and seasonal vehicles. Our Manitoba winters are harsh, but here are a few things you can do to get your valuables ready for this winter, from ATV storage to camper insurance coverage.

Winter Storage Tips:

- Make sure to empty all liquids. You do not want pipes to burst or tear during the freezing and thawing if you have any liquids in your camper

- Take out the battery. Batteries can’t handle being left out during our harsh Manitoba winters. Store your batteries in a warm place this winter

- Rodent proof. Little critters are looking for places to stay warm this winter too. Make sure your camper and seasonal vehicles are not one of them by covering any entry points

- Keep the refrigerator open. This helps to reduce the condensation within the fridge, making cleaning easier come spring

- Check for any cracks, leaks or damage. Our harsh Manitoba winters can be rough on our toys. Before storing check for any repairs that need to be done prior to putting it away for winter

- Consider storing at a secured facility. This can help protect your valuables from the elements as well as reduce the likelihood of vandalism

- We’re experts in ATV and camper insurance coverage, and as such we recommend speaking to a mechanic for additional information to make the most of the lifespan of your seasonal toys and vehicles

Motorhome, Trailers & Truck Camper Insurance Coverage

Save money and have your motorhomes, trailers, and truck campers insured this winter with help from a BSI Insurance Broker. For seasonally used vehicles such as campers and trailers, you would purchase an annual extension policy and have your trailer plated/registered with Autopac at any BSI Insurance location.

Once you have your trailer stored for the winter, cancel the Autopac registration and receive a credit on your premium from MPI, but keep the extension policy in place to pick up lay-up coverage automatically at no additional charge. Note that for lay-up coverage to apply, the unit must be in continuous storage on private property in Manitoba.

For example, if you park your camper on your property for the winter and you have purchased an annual extension policy - you may cancel your MPI coverage and have your extension policy cover your trailer while it’s laid-up; you would be saving some premium by canceling the registration with MPI. However, if you start using the camper, it must be plated for coverage to apply.

Autopac, camper insurance, and seasonal vehicle insurance are all things our insurance brokers can help you with to ensure you’re covered all year round and are not paying for additional coverage that you don’t need. For more information on your insurance coverage for your camper, motorhome, ATV, etc., contact a BSI Insurance broker to find the best fit for you.

Written By: BSI