6 Pro Tips for Fall Clean-Up

When the leaves begin to change colour, that is the signal to think about fall maintenance and prepare your home for winter to avoid costly repairs the following spring. 

Pro Tip #1. Start with your gutters. Once the leaves have fallen, make sure that there are none in your gutters, and check that the downspouts are free of debris. This will prevent possible ice damming on your roof during the spring melt.

Pro Tip #2. Look at the caulking around windows to prevent any leaks. Water and cold drafts will always find a way into your home, therefore sealing off any possible leaks will prevent possible water damage and save you energy.

Pro Tip #3. Inspecting your furnace and replacing the filter are great ways to ensure that your furnace works properly and that the air in your house stays fresh. You can always call a professional to do a thorough maintenance check. 

Pro Tip #4. The gardening season is coming to an end, make sure you have your hose drained and stored properly. Check to see if you either have a frost-free spigot on your outdoor water tap or make sure that you drain your tap by turning it off on the inside and left open on the outside, so the water completely drains. 

Pro Tip #5. If your home has a wood-burning fireplace or stove, have the chimney and pipe cleaned for maximum ventilation and efficiency. If you recently installed either of these, make sure you talk to your BSI Insurance broker to notify them as you may need extra coverage. 

Pro Tip #6. Finally take a good look at your home’s safety equipment by inspecting smoke detectors, carbon dioxide detectors, and replacing the batteries if needed. Check all fire extinguishers and ensure they meet inspection or expiry standards for safe operation. Also, review your fire safety plan with your family. 

The goal of these pro tips is to make sure you and your home are ready for winter. Staying on top of these fall clean-up tips is not only a good practice, but it could save you money in the long run.