‘Insure’ a Great Summer!

Hot summer days and clear open waters go hand in hand. Spending the summer on a boat is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. BSI Insurance works hard with the best companies to find the right insurance for your watercraft, no matter what style or make.

Watercraft insurance can have very particular details that need to be considered, as many boats are custom-made for specific uses. Ensuring that you have coverage for all the features and property on your boat goes way beyond insuring the hull and motor. 

Did you know that not all marine insurance companies offer replacement costs? Furthermore, the age of the boat may determine if the replacement cost is even an option. Taking stock of your inventory of accessories is critical to having the right protection.  There are limits of insurance on auxiliary and trolling motors, navigational and fishing equipment, as well as personal effects that are not part of the boat or equipment but reside on the boat. 

In the event of a loss, you may not be able to claim some property under your home insurance if it is not covered by the marine policy as many home insurance policies have limits for marine exposures.  Insurance companies see boats as a unique risk class and put restrictions on coverage options to ensure that insurance is considered accurately.