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General Overview

BSI Insurance has a long and storied history writing farm and agricultural insurance. From the small family farm operation to the large commercial venture, BSI has consistently made available the people, product and service necessary to protect your investment. We call this BSI advantage “Protect 360”. The approach not only ensures we are here to help reduce or prevent risk, but also provide the appropriate agricultural insurance product necessary to suit your specific needs. 


Dairy Insurance

The modern dairy operation has come a long way since the traditional hand milking operation. For example, operations today include technology taking advantage of high tech robotics which necessitates the need for specific insurance protection. BSI will work with you to customize a solution specific to your needs. Our experience will help protect not only your property, but the resulting loss of business income as well. Let BSI work for you.



Potato Insurance

If you are involved in Potato farming, you know the need for specific equipment and storage facilities to grow and store potatoes. In turn, BSI has the expertise to arrange specific coverage such as “consequential loss” insurance to protect you from spoilage. This is just one example that emphasizes the need to deal with an insurance broker capable of understanding your needs. You can count on our staff to be familiar with all aspects of potato farming and can customize a policy for your specific operation. 

Poultry Insurance

Poultry Insurance

BSI Insurance also specializes in egg or broiler operations. Should your farm operation include a feedmill, we can tailor a policy of farm insurance to cover that risk as well. Our many years of experience combined with our Protect 360 approach will ensure a complete review of your needs and the corresponding coverage offering necessary to address your specific needs. The end result is that you will be covered properly if the need should ever arise.


seed plant

Seed Plant

BSI Insurance is a leader in seed plant insurance in Western Canada. We have developed two exclusive products based on the needs of our customers. Our first program has been designed to respond to the farm operation that includes a seed plant. BSI’s second program was developed to respond to large commercial operations. Each program has been tailored individually yet maintain certain common aspects such as “Seedman’s Error and Omission Liability Insurance”. Whichever the need, you can count on our coverage to protect you in the event of a claim.



Hog Insurance

The hog industry in Manitoba has gone through many changes over the years. With each change, BSI has continued to respond to the insurance needs of this community while others have come and gone. BSI products are available for both sow and feeder operations and we can customize coverage for your specific operation. Our Protect 360 approach will ensure that you will not only be protected against the loss of property or hog, but the resulting loss of business income as well. BSI simply offers the necessary experience to arrange the coverage you need to ensure peace of mind.


life health group dental

Life and Health Coverage

Serious illness and or death can have a major impact on your day to day lifestyle that have the possibility to dramatically affect both personal and financial limits. Family members and key employees need to be protected. Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance owned by the corporation or farm will fill in the financial gap created when illness or death occur.

Planning for a catastrophic event

You may know someone who has not been able to fully recover after suffering a serious loss resulting from a major disaster? Our Protection Specialists can arrange the necessary resources to help you develop a business continuity plan to respond to such an event.



Employee engagement is crucial to any workplace, family or corporation. A well designed Employee Benefits Plan or Health Spending Account will not only engage and retain current employees, but also help you attract new employees to your team. Ask your Protection Specialist about optional benefits like Best Doctors or Group Critical Illness coverage.


All of BSI’s 16 branch locations are fully equipped to deal with all of your Autopac needs. In addition to farm and personal vehicles, BSI is also happy to assist you in arranging coverage for your personal, recreational and off road vehicles and watercraft. Find out more about Autopac, click here.

Loss Prevention

BSI will work with you through our inspection process to identify potential hazards and in turn reduce or eliminate future losses. This can result in a safer workplace and possibly reduced premiums.



We make available a wide variety of both insurance products and programs to respond to the needs of your farm or business today. Our Protection Specialist will assess your needs and review existing policies to ensure you have the right property insurance in place. Alternatively, they will advise of potential gaps in coverage. Whichever the case may be, we will work with you to make sure that your building, contents and equipment limits are sufficient and that you understand your agricultural insurance coverage.