Farm and Agricultural Insurance

BSI Insurance was founded on homegrown insurance products and services for farmers and the agriculture sector. 

Our legacy is one of working with farmers to address their insurance needs by building products and programs that are made for farmers by people who live in farming communities. From the hobby farm operations to the large ventures covering thousands of acres, BSI has always made the right people, products, and services available to protect your investment. 

The BSI Insurance advantage is that we can do more than protect your property, we can protect your business and legacy with other insurance products to ensure safe succession from one generation to the next.  Our expertise with property, liability and life insurance products provides our clients with security for all aspects of their business and lives.  

Don’t bet the farm without first considering BSI’s Farm First Insurance, our flagship agricultural/farming insurance product.  This product is exclusive to BSI Insurance and developed with Red River Mutual to offer grain and crop farmers coverages, limits, and pricing options that meet the needs of their operations no matter the scope and size.  

As farming has evolved, so has BSI Insurance as our expert farm insurance advisors can assess your farming operation’s needs in person or remotely and build a farm insurance policy that puts your farm first. 

Dairy Insurance

The modern dairy farm has come a long way since the traditional hand milking operation. Dairy farms are now high-tech modern operations with diverse insurance needs to match their risk profile. BSI Insurance’s expert dairy advisors can help you navigate a changing industry that demands comprehensive and complete insurance protection. BSI will work with you to customize a solution specific to your needs that ensures access to insurance at a reasonable rate. With the technological complexity and growth of dairy operations don’t bet the farm with any insurance, our experience and knowledge will help you with loss prevention options, protection of property, and loss of business income in the event of a claim.

Potato and Vegetable Insurance

Potato and vegetable farmers know the need for specific equipment and storage facilities to grow and store potatoes and vegetables. BSI Insurance has the expertise to arrange specific coverage such as “consequential loss” insurance to protect you from financial loss due to spoilage. BSI’s expert farm insurance advisors understand your needs and demands in the farming industry. Our team works to protect your farm with the right insurance company products that match your insurance and risk needs. Let our advisors work with you and your farm to customize a policy for your unique operation. 

Poultry Insurance

BSI Insurance knows poultry and has expert insurance advisors who specialize in egg or broiler operations. The poultry industry is dynamic and evolving and so are the insurance requirements so if your farm operation includes a feed mill or other unique aspects, we can build a policy of farm insurance to cover those features. Our many years of experience will ensure a complete review of your operation to determine the best way to address your needs with the right insurance coverage so when a loss happens you won’t wonder if you are covered.

Seed Plant

BSI Insurance has expert advisors and insurance products for seed plants across Western Canada. BSI’s exclusive Farm First Insurance product extends to farms that include a seed plant operation on or off-site. Our experts have also developed relations and options with the top insurance companies specializing in large-scale seed plants operations. Our options provide general insurance coverage and specific coverages tailored to your operation yet maintain certain common aspects such as “Seedman’s Error and Omission Liability Insurance”. Whatever your need is contact our expert insurance advisors to protect you before a loss happens.

Hog Insurance

BSI Insurance has a long history with the hog industry in Manitoba. Our hog program and Pig Safe loss prevention program were the best products in the industry and while the industry has changed over the years BSI has continued to respond to the insurance needs of this community while others have come and gone. BSI insurance products are available for both sow and feeder operations and we can customize coverage for your specific operation. Our expert hog insurance advisors will ensure that you will not only be protected against the loss of property or hog but the resulting loss of business income as well. Don’t get high on the hog before you contact a BSI expert insurance advisor to arrange the coverage you need to ensure peace of mind.


When you use a BSI Insurance broker our licensed and trained professionals are your safeguard to buying insurance. We will do the shopping for you and you can focus on what matters the most, managing your farm and business. We provide product expertise, choice of companies, product and crop protection diversity, advice and counsel for your crops and farm, and claims advocacy and assistance. By insuring locally, you support the businesses that support your community.