Home, Condo, Tenant and Personal Insurance

BSI Insurance is a leading provider offering home, condo, tenant, and personal insurance in Manitoba. With a strong reputation built on trust and reliability, BSI Insurance ensures that residents in Manitoba have access to reliable insurance solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Home Owners:

Discover BSI Insurance’s comprehensive home insurance policies, offering top-notch protection for your most valuable asset. Safeguard your home against perils like fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters, ensuring peace of mind and financial security. Our team at BSI Insurance works closely with homeowners to understand their specific needs, providing customizable coverage options tailored to individual requirements.

Condo Owners:

Secure your condo with BSI Insurance’s reliable condo insurance policies, covering both the interior of your unit and personal belongings. Additionally, our policies extend coverage to any improvements or upgrades made to your condo. Rest easy knowing that BSI Insurance has your condo property adequately protected.


Choose BSI Insurance for tenant insurance that safeguards your personal belongings and provides liability coverage. Our comprehensive insurance shields tenants from losses caused by theft, fire, or other covered perils. Moreover, it includes liability coverage, ensuring financial protection in the event of accidental damage to the rental property or someone’s injury.


BSI Insurance recognizes the significance of protecting your personal belongings. Our personal insurance policies guarantee adequate coverage for valuable possessions like jewelry, electronics, or artwork, both at home and during travel. Customize your policy to suit your unique needs and enjoy comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.

Count on BSI Insurance’s dedicated team of professionals for exceptional customer service. We genuinely comprehend your circumstances and offer personalized insurance solutions that cater to your requirements. Visit one of our 16 convenient locations to speak with a broker or obtain a free quote today!

Visit one of our 16 locations to talk to your broker or get a FREE QUOTE today!

Home Insurance

Homes are our biggest investment and require more than ‘fire insurance’. Do you know what your home costs to rebuild in today’s construction market? Is the contents limit and conditions on your homeowners' policy adequate? Do you understand the potential gaps for coverage without the right endorsements? BSI's expert advisors are ready to provide you with the necessary insurance options and information to ensure both your home and possessions will be best protected. With access to a wide range of Canada’s top insurance companies, BSI’s expert insurance advisors will provide you and your family with the peace of mind you deserve.

Life Insurance

BSI Insurance Brokers provides products that offer financial security to families, businesses, and farms.  An early passing can devastate a family or business.  Having a proper financial plan can mean the difference between leaving your loved ones well-positioned financially and leaving them to deal with potential debt or an inadequate income.


All of BSI’s 16 branch locations are fully equipped to deal with all of your Autopac needs. We can also help with Special Risk Extensions (SRE) for your vehicles. Find out more about Autopac.

Boat, Watercraft & Personal Watercraft

Buying homegrown insurance should be an easy process. With BSI Insurance, our licensed and trained professionals are your safeguards to buying insurance for your recreational lifestyle.

Liability Insurance

What happens if a neighbor slips on your icy step? A renovation contractor is injured while working on your house? What if you are found at fault in an auto accident resulting in bodily injury or property damage? BSI’s expert insurance advisors are trained to identify potential exposures and ensure you are adequately insured. Ask about our Personal Umbrella Liability policies designed to provide excess coverage over and above your existing personal liability policies. This can be extremely important if you maintain a second residence in another province or country or vacation as a snowbird.

Health and Living Benefits

We can also help with health and living benefits plans. These products are designed to help with both personal and financial hardships resulting from difficult life situations. BSI has access to a variety of solutions from multiple carriers. Products available include Critical Illness, Disability Insurance, Individual or Family Health Benefit Plans.

Travel Insurance

Did you know that even a weekend trip outside of your province of residence can be financially devastating to your family? Out-of-country or province medical expenses can be substantial and add up fast. Our Travel Insurance solutions can provide you and your family with the protection required. Let BSI’s Protection Specialist arrange the appropriate coverage for your trip. Call or visit a branch today for more information or a quote.

Pet Health Insurance

Advancements in Veterinary Medicine are happening every day in Canada and treatment for your dog or cat can often be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Pet Health Insurance can help cover those costs in the event of accidents or illness. Today’s pets are an extension of our families. Pet insurance allows you the opportunity to ensure the best of treatment under trying circumstances.