Vacant Dwellings

There are times when things change for us, we must move unexpectedly, or an investment property we own has no tenant.  Insurance companies treat this situation very specifically and a building can be quickly determined vacant.  If this happens, insurance coverage can be drastically reduced.

Vacant dwellings are often targets of crime, especially burglary and arson. A key factor in reducing these criminal acts is to make sure your property does not appear vacant. Simple actions like ensuring that there is a security system is in place and doing regular inspections of the property can help avoid these types of targeted situations. You can also accomplish this in numerous ways including leaving a light on, canceling any deliveries to the property or arranging scheduled pickup for said deliveries, and by keeping up with the maintenance of the property such as snow clearing, lawn care, and clearing of any types of debris/garbage. Lastly generating noises from within the home, such as having a radio playing, can also be a deterrent. These may not completely stop criminal activity on your vacant dwelling, but they can reduce these unwanted situations.

However, there are bigger issues that your vacant property can face such as heavy precipitation and windstorms, problems with heating during the winter months if the heating system should fail, as well as freezing pipes during the dead of winter.

Should you find yourself in this situation please contact your BSI Insurance broker immediately as we can help you manage the situation. Especially if it happens during the winter months.